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Rhenus Mailroom Services - Copycenter

Operation copy center

The in-house print shop of the early days has turned into a multi-functional organization unit with a great responsibility for the representation of the company to the outside world. Besides printing and binding in the most varied formats, the copy and print center must be capable of providing, among others, professionally created CDs and DVDs. Rhenus brings the expertise and the technology necessary to perform all these duties in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.

We are offering the following services:

  • Operation of the copy and print area
  • Handling of reprographic activitiesPrinting of business cards, also in large and special formats, in b/w, color, bitonal
  • Burning of CDs/DVDs incl. cover and label design
  • Printing of brochures
  • Wire binding, hardcover binding and lamination

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